A brief history of ADAM Professional Audio

It was in Spring 1999 when the physicist Klaus Heinz and the electrical engineer Roland Stenz, loaded with vast experience on the field of speaker systems and a revolutionary tweeter design, founded ADAM Professional Audio. This highly sophisticated design was soon to become the pinnacle of authentic sound reproduction and the basis for achieving the very goal of the young but ambitious company: to challenge the few giants in the industry by offering a superior product. And as a matter of fact, in a short amount of time, Advanced Dynamic Audio Monitors managed to become one of the most preeminent tools in professional monitoring. However, the instantaneous success had been preceded by many years of thorough research in acoustics and loudspeaker technology.

In 1982, small summit talks took place, with large-scale changes for the further development of the tweeter. Klaus Heinz met Dr. Oskar Heil who had stirred up the world of audio with his Air Motion Transformer (AMT). This encounter was to bear fruits in decades of intense conversations as well as Research and Development. Since then, Klaus Heinz was on the quest for a solution that combined the unique advantages of the AMT with improved dispersions, avoiding the hornlike magnetic construction at the same time.

Good things may come to those who wait but outstanding innovations to those who uncompromisingly devote themselves to their goal. The Accelerating Ribbon Technology (ART) came to see the light of day. This superior tweeter design, a landmark in loudspeaker technology, marked both the beginning of a new era of tweeter technology and of ADAM. This technology showed all the best qualities of Heil´s AMT while avoiding its problems: crystal clear sound combined with outstanding dispersions.

Klaus Heinz on the new ART tweeter design: «It is more than 30 years that I had been intrigued by Oskar Heils invention. The new kinematics to move the air was intellectually brilliant, and the audible success inspiring. However, I always thought that the huge magnetic structures in front of the diaphragm might discolor the sound and that the pure dimension of the construction would lead to unwanted narrow dispersion patterns. Using new materials like neodyme magnets and Kapton® (by DuPont™) diaphragm materials and combining them with new geometries I succeeded in designing a tweeter that on the one hand improved both the electro-acoustic behavior and the measurement data of the original construction. On the other hand, I could avoid the weak points often to be found in unusual tweeter design. Distortion, efficiency, dispersion or power handling all exceed what someone can find in 1″ domes. Of course, the final opinion is to be formed by the listeners. I am more than confident of their judgment.»

Since then, many more innovations have been presented. To name some examples:

  • The ART principle could be applied to the midrange.
  • Introducing Impulse Coupling (IC), ADAM was able to find a method to vastly improve the connection between drivers and cabinets.
  • With the Force Compensation (FC), some bigger speaker and subwoofer models are able to employ two bass drivers which compensate distortions.
  • Furthermore, with the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) ADAM managed to find a solution to many of the previous problems of amplifiers and therefore is able to offer unexcelled and highly reliable active monitor systems.

Just in time for their 10th anniversary, ADAM Audio proudly presents the new X-ART: Based on the very technology of ART, the new tweeters and midranges show an eXtended frequency band and a higher efficiency than their predecessors. ADAM also presents their own A/B amplifier to realize the full bandwith of the X-ART tweeter up to 50 kHz without any limitations. Combined with most sophisticated woofers, ADAM in consequence offers an unsurpassed transducer assembly.

Nowadays, ADAM is represented in 45 countries. A growing number of the most famous and prestigious studios around the world own and use ADAM monitors. A wealth of glowing print reviews and a consistent stream of praise across many internet forums have helped firmly establish ADAM monitors as being among the most dependable and desirable audio recording and production tools available.

With all the vast experience from the professional audio world, ADAM Audio started to enter the hifi market. Ignoring the traditional gap between pro audio and hifi, ADAM home speakers followed the very goal of their professional relatives: the reproduction of music should be as authentic as possible. This commitment to nothing but the best possible sound was to bear fruits: In no time, ADAM home speakers became synonimous with the highest standard in HiFi and High End. And similar to the success in professional audio, truly ardent reviews by the leading trade magazines helped to establish ADAM Audio as one of the leading companies in both professional and home speakers. The ADAM Family is growing…