Cinemascope for your ears

Many people dream of a movie theatre experience at home, with a big picture and superb digital multichannel sound. To provide for a big impressive picture is quite easy today, but it would be a mistake to believe that good surround sound simply depends on the number of speakers you are using. Truly authentic multichannel reproduction requires audiophile accuracy from the speakers.

Surround sound is not only about the impact of dramatic effects, but also about subtle nuances and details that open the door to acoustically entering the scene. Thus it’s not only a powerful explosion that benefits from the dynamic headroom of the speakers, but also the clarity of speech and the homogeneity of the surrounding soundfield.

Home theatre makes high demands on the speakers and hornspeakers provide for the perfect solution. To explain how a home theatre installation benefits from hornspeakers, Avantgarde Acoustic provides the SOLO home theatre guide in which the special requirements of home theatre sound are introduced and discussed.

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